Loving Children Keeps Us Afloat

The early years of a child's life are so important in developing their minds, hearts, and character. We consider it part of our purpose to make sure children know how much they're loved and valued. From this sense of self-worth we want to help them cultivate independence, critical thinking, kindness, and a love of learning.

All of this is built upon the foundation that Jesus loves them best and has a plan for their lives.

Our Mission

To love children well.

Our Values

  • We value each child as an individual. They are uniquely created by God with their own individual personalities, interests and gifts.

  • We value the time a child has to be a child.

Our Goals

At Noah's Ark, we have 4 goals.

  1. Instill a love for learning

  2. Encourage independence

  3. Prepare for kindergarten and life

  4. Teach about Jesus